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A Friend of the Library is:
A life-long learner who believes that public libraries provide a wealth of information .....

A literacy supporter who wants to foster a passion for reading in ALL ....

A parent who wants the same opportunities for his/her family as others have ....

An individual who shares the belief, "Give the Gift of Reading ....It Lasts a Lifetime!"

A person who believes there is a future for public libraries ....

Be a Friend of the Dansville Public Library.

An application is available at the desk or here.

NEWSLETTER               Summer 2015

Dear Friend of the Public Library,

I hope that you enjoyed your Spring! Thank you to all of you who helped with or shopped at our book sale in May! It’s always nice to stock up on reading supplies for the summer.

I am very pleased that the Friends group was able to pay for new computers for the library. As technology continues to play an important role in communication and finding information, I believe that it is important for the library to have up to date equipment. Your support helps make this possible.

Please check out the new Basket Raffle, page 2 in this newsletter. The Library still needs to up- date old computers! Each Basket has a special fea- ture and includes tasty goodies too!

The theme for summer reading club this year is "Every Hero Has a Story". I participated in the summer reading program every year growing up. I remember the events at the library being a lot of fun. It was also a great way for me to keep learning over the summer. The program is held Tues at 1 p.m. I encourage your child to participate!

"Books 'n' Kids 'n' Crafts" and "Babies' First Storytime" will also be continuing over the summer. These programs can be exciting outings for young ones. Additionally, 3 "Discovery Work- shops" sponsored by Dansville Lions Club include weeklong explorations of the Civil War, protecting wildlife, and featuring heroes in art. Registration is required for these exciting workshops so be sure to contact the library ahead of time if you are interest- ed in registering an 8-12 year old.

This year marks the second anniversary of Clara Barton Day. The event will be held on August 22 nd. I think this will be a great way to celebrate an im- portant piece of national history which occurred in Dansville. Library Staff will be there and we hope you come to celebrate too.

If you have extra time this summer, I challenge you to try to create something using only materials found in Dansville. When home from college re- cently, I was reminded that we have several great locally owned businesses with a variety of materials and ideas. One of my favorite parts of being from a small town is the sense of community. Check out these businesses often! And I know, if you ask, there are lots of people who would be happy to help you start a new hobby or create something. If you need ideas, you can always borrow some craft books from the library!

Jamie Blum, President

"To me a library... is a necessity. They have a lot of things to offer. It's kind of like home for your community. If you want to find something out then you just ask. And they have a lot of things that they offer that they don't advertise."
Parent of a 3 year old, from the Pew Report, 5/1/13

Pew Research Center conducted a Library Service Survey by telephone in November 2012. The Report was issued May 1, 2013. Highlights of the Report include the findings that 94% of parents say libraries are improtant to their children. 84% of parents believe libraries instill a love of reading in their children.

There are many reasons people visit their library and the Report discovered 87% visit to borrow books! Other uses include homework (55%), to borrow DVDs and CDs (46%), to attend an event (46%), to use the Internet (37%). Other purposes include book clubs, workshops, and socializing with friends.

Dansville Public offers ALL these opportunities. A great way to stay in touch with what is at YOUR library is at this website – or give us a call!

Friends of the Dansville Public Library invites you to join us and support our Library and the invaluable services it provides. Click the image below to print an application form. For more information call the Library at 585-335-6720 or email Terry Dearing, Library Director.

Friends of Library Application.
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