Dansville Public Library - Dansville, NY.
Voters Approve!

Public Library Budget 2010-2011 Established

5/12/2010 — Dansville Public Library district voters went to the polls on May 3rd at the North Dansville Town Hall to vote on the Library's 2010-2011 operating budget.
A tax levy of $342,550 was approved by a vote of 41 'yes' votes to 11 'no' votes. In addition, Mary Ann Holden was re-elected as a Trustee to the Board. This will be her second five-year term on the Board having been appointed in November 2000. An increase of $18,500 over the previous year translates to an increase of five cents per $1000 assessed value on property.
The Dansville Public Library's fiscal year begins July 1, and the total operating budget for next year will be $442,550, a 5.7 percent increase. In addition to income from the tax levy, the Library anticipates additional income of $100,000 from various sources including state aid, library system and other grants, interest earnings, and miscellaneous income from donations, fines, lost material charges and photocopies.
The Dansville Public Library circulates more than 69,745 items every year. Since 2007, circulation has increased by more than 12%. The library is chartered to serve more than 10,400 people and has over 5,940 borrowers registered.

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