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Dansville Master Plan Available Online

Town of North Dansville and Village of Dansville recently completed a comprehensive plan document

6/7/2009 — From the Introduction:

The Comprehensive Plan Work Group (CPWG) was formed for the purposes of reviewing Dansville's existing Comprehensive Plan, assessing Dansville's current conditions, identifying objectives. That assessment was used to guide our future growth and writing a new Comprehensive Plan.

The CPWG first met in October, 2001. In January 2003, a Community Survey was conducted and the results were prepared and released in May 2003.

Since the completion of the survey, the CPWG has determined the format for the Plan, met with guests in Focus Group discussions, collected resources, identified community objectives and developed methods to pursue those goals. The CPWG, in 2005, was adopted by the Planning Board as a standing subcommittee to facilitate the implementation of this Plan and assist in future updates.

A Comprehensive Plan, or Master Plan, is a municipal tool that has several uses. A Plan may be used as a management and financial tool for local government. Economic and industrial development specialists might use the Plan for marketing Dansville to new businesses. A Comprehensive Plan:
1) contains planned development and objectives for all elements of a community,
2) is a timely and responsive part of the continuous planning process,
3) is the legal basis for land use regulations, and
4) is a guide for budgeting and scheduling capital improvement projects and other fiscal decisions.

The full document (25 MB) is available here:

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