Dansville Public Library - Dansville, NY.
Special Volunteer Dr. Tony Witte Recognized

Dr. Witte Receives Senate Resolution from Senator Young

3/30/2009 — On Saturday February 28, 2009 Dr. Tony Witte received a Senate Resolution from Senator Catharine Young in recognition of his volunteerism at the Library. Dr. Witte was named Library Volunteer of the Year at the library's Volunteer Luncheon this past September.

Our community has always been a priority for Dr. Tony, and his efforts on behalf of Dansville Public Library were what brought new technology to library patrons in 1995. He helped select computers for public Internet use, and soon after those efforts, he created the library's website. Then, in the fall of 2005, Tony was the 'push' behind wireless service for the Dansville Public Library. The Library became the first library in the Pioneer Library System to have a 'Wi-Fi hotspot.'

Today, Dr. Tony continues to maintain the library's website, monitors its use, works to 'debug' the system, and helps staff with a variety of Internet and database needs. His support and help make him one of Dansville Public Library's most valuable Volunteers.

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