Dansville Public Library - Dansville, NY.
LIbrary Recognizes Senator Catharine Young

Senator's Support of Construction Grant Helps Dansville Library

7/24/2007 — The Dansville Public Library Board of Trustees would like to thank Senator Cathy Young for her part in The New York State $14 Million Public Library Construction grant of 2006-07. Senator Young will be presenting a check to Sherrie Reilly, President of the Board of Trustees on Friday July 27th at 2:45 p.m.

The Dansville Public Library received $74,053 in State funding. The grant was used to help offset the costs of site preparation for the building expansion. The project included demolition of the former Wilcox auction building, asbestos abatement, back fill and grading. This one-time construction grant was approved by the New York State legislature in 2006. This spring New York State public libraries were delighted to learn that the grant has been continued for 2007. Libraries may apply for large projects requiring several years to complete.

'This grant continues the active support Senator Young provides to libraries in her district, but especially to Dansville Public. We are so appreciative of the generosity of the state toward the people of Dansville and Library needs,' said Sherrie Reilly, President of the Dansville Public Library Board of Trustees.

'Libraries are an essential part of the community, especially in rural areas,' Senator Young said. 'As someone who grew up in Livingston County, I can remember how important a strong community library was to me and my family. When I was told of the building expansion plans in Dansville, I worked to help offset some of the costs with State funding.'

'On behalf of the Library Board of Trustees, our patrons and community, we want to thank Senator Cathy Young for her vote for public library construction grants. This is an important project to our community, and such financial resources are essential,' said Teresa Dearing, Dansville Public Library Director. 'The Library has experienced steady growth in the demand for our services which has outpaced our facilities. The grant assisted us in addressing the needs for additional library space.'

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