Dansville Community Calendar - Dansville, NY
May - 2015
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3 4
Public Library Board Mtg
Children's Book Week!
5 6
Books 'N' Kids 'N'Crafts
Baby's First Storytime
8 9
Daring Dragons!
Happy Mother's Day
Annual Book Sale Begins!
12 13
Books 'N' Kids 'N'Crafts
Allan Howe @ Noon
Baby's First Storytime
15 16
Armed Forces Day
17 18 19 20
Books 'N' Kids 'N'Crafts
Baby's First Storytime
22 23
24 25
Memorial Day
National Tap Dance Day
26 27
Books 'N' Kids 'N'Crafts
Baby's First Storytime
29 30
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Dansville Community Calendar is a service of Dansville Public Library. Community groups and individuals are invited to post events of local interest. Commercial events such as yard sales or retail sale events should be posted on the Trading Post Message Board. Dansville Public Library reserves the right to delete or modify any post. For instructions on using this calendar go to Calendar Help.

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